Management and development of our company determine the continuity and quality of leather produced for all our customers. “L’étoile Tannery” has since its creation in 1959 been able to affirm its capacity to carry out a mission that aims to preserve and develop its customer portfolio by the relentless pursuit of a high quality standard.

On a local and global open market with high competitiveness, our company is recognized for offering all customers leather quality which satisfies their specific needs and expectations. This represents an essential condition for customer retention and loyalty and further development.

Working on solid foundations, we are constantly looking to improve our performance to meet the requirements of our customers, through our investments and our quality of work.

This industrial action is carried around three strategic priorities: the performance of an ancestral know-how, human and managerial policy focused on efficiency and effectiveness, as well as professionalism and innovation. We intend to put all our professionalism, our creativity and our entrepreneurial spirit, aiming to enhance our human capital and our industrial heritage.


Hamadi Ben Ghanem