The goatskin is fibrous and very taut. It is mainly used for making shoes, or wallets, as it combines both strength and flexibility. As far as bag making

Handbag goatskin is concerned, for example, no other leather can bear several pounds of pressure. In addition to pressure, the bellows undergo continual folding and unfolding movements. Even if the thickness of leather does not prevent its porosity, it does play an important role. Indeed, if it is too thick it prevents the bellows open freely and if it is too thin, it inflates like a balloon with a clicking noise without being cut at the folds, unless they undergo regular lubrication maintenance on both sides of the leather.

Our expertise in this area allows us to offer the goat leather that meets the requirements of the most rigorous artisans.


Goat velvet

Clothing leather, carefully sanded. The resulting velvet is of a firm and dense structure with a uniform and even color.

kidskin leather

Very bright, satin-smooth, with no flaws, this leather is both intended for shoe making and for leather goods.