Cattle hide

Cattle hide

The cattle hide is coarser compared to lamb hide, but its appearance is smooth and it is soft and solid. Depending on the tanning process, it may however look like a buffalo hide.Cattle hide boots

Full grain cow leather

characterized by a fine grain, a uniform color and a light transparent finish, which allows the leather to keep its natural appearance and its high color sheen.

Ground cow leather

Cowhide pigmented with a covering pigment solution and carefully ground to a fine or coarse grain, depending on request, which makes the leather surface completely homogeneous and free from defects.


Very popular thanks to its velvety or oiled aspect, depending on request. This leather is perfectly sanded while having a smooth deep homogeneous color over the entire surface.

Nappa calf

This leather is highly prized in the footwear and the clothing industry, it is slightly pigmented or completely aniline with fine grain and good flexibility.

Equipment leather 

Thick and rigid leather, tanned with chrome or with plant extracts. This kind of leather is especially recommended for leather goods, belt manufacturers and other accessories.

Cattle hide

Recovered through a slitting process, these cattle hides are marketed in our tannery in different forms:

  • The velvet type: perfectly coloured and sanded.
  • The pigmented smooth or grain-embossed type: with a covering and elastic pigmentation.
  • Hide used for natural or colored protection gloves: flexible and resistant to tearing.